Post #5: Random thoughts on eternity and everything in between…
I have this huge thing about trying to remember that all of us human beings live in two worlds: We are all physical, but we’re all spiritual at the same time. Christianity–theism as a whole, actually–is kind of funny. The naturalists believe we’re solely physical; the transcendentalist believe we’re solely spiritual; Christianity strikes a balance between the two. We are beings with souls and bodies and minds and emotions. The thing is, Christians believe that this world is not where we’re just destined to stay. This is where we live now, but we’re all headed for one place or another. So the question is, in light of that, how are we going to live? I, for one, don’t want to be the type of person that just lives for myself, but I end up living that way so often…it’s a “sick cycle carousel,” as Lifehouse puts it. “I know what I should do but I don’t do it, and I do the things I don’t want to do.”

So how long must we sing this song? How long until Christ comes back and makes us like Him? How long until I can honestly say that I’m totally in love with Him?

But “it’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord. And it’s only Him who can make me holy.

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Know what absolutely annoys me? I miss school. A friend of mine and I were having a conversation about it last night. It’s not so much the work I miss, though, but the people. They’re all great, even if they do eventually wind up driving me crazy. I can’t believe there’s only three weeks left in this semester. They say that the second semester goes by like you wouldn’t believe. That kind of freaks me out, to tell the whole truth. I mean, yeah, I want to go on, I want to go off to college and everything, but at the same time I know I’m going to miss everyone. They’re part of me now. They’ve got places in my heart and in my memory banks. And it’s not just my friends, it’s my teachers and the people I don’t even know that well.

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I’m sorry. I have this tendency to get so gosh darn serious…

I’m already singing Christmas carols. I’ve been belting them out in the shower and everything so by the time Christmas actually gets here I’ll probably have driven my parents nuts…LOL.

*edit* Sorry, everyone (all two of you who probably read this…lol), forgot to post the…
*LiNk oF tHe DaY* Christian Guitar Resources–I’m a regular poster here and in fact moderate in one of the forums (Books). It’s great fun and can be quite addicting. Places to check out: Theology (warning: may cause head explosions. proceed with caution), Cheap Post Forum (especially “The Very Official Ask Jay Anything Thread”–always good for entertainment) and, of course, Books. 😀


1. Stuffing: baked inside the turkey, or separately? Outside. Baking it inside gives a chance for salmonella to develop (isn’t that lovely?). Besides, you don’t get that yummy crust…
2. Fresh or frozen turkey? i wouldn’t know, I’m not the one who makes it. 🙂
3. Cranberry sauce: jellied or whole berry? Jellied.
4. Stay home or visit friends/relatives? Go over to my grandparents’ house with my dad’s dad’s side of the family. (My dad’s parents got divorced when he was a baby and both remarried and had some more kids. It’s quite interesting.)
5. Do you cook Thanksgiving dinner, or let someone else do it? Like I said, I don’t cook, and you wouldn’t want me to, either. LOL
6. Traditional turkey dinner, or an alternative (such as vegetarian)? Traditional. My whole family is pretty hardcore Southern; you’d probably get shot if you even suggested something besides turkey.
7. Regular potatoes or sweet potatoes? I’m a mashed potatoes kind of girl.
8. Homemade gravy, or the jarred stuff? Homemade. Yum.
9. What part of the turkey do you prefer…dark or white meat? Dark, actually.
10. After dinner: football or Christmas movies? Christmas movies. I’m not really into football unless it’s college or high school level.


Post #4: Some poetry.
I’m not exactly Dickinson, but I hope you guys like this anyway. I wrote this in my paper/hard copy journal a few months back; it just sort of spilled out my brain somehow. It’s called “paper and glue” and it’s written from the perspective of a recent divorcee. Not that my parents are divorced, or that I’ve ever been divorced (I would certainly hope not!), but I have some friends whose parents are, and so this is for them.

So you took your heart back fro me,
Took back your soul that I’d taken into mine,
Rendered the one into two.
And I guess I did the same to you,
Over specks of dust we made into universes
And dared to call them
“irreconcilable differences.”
It was the way you’d stay out late,
How I kept tearing you apart with my words for it,
How you’d retaliate with your own.
It was a verbal catfight that left us both bleeding,
And if I could go back I’d find a way
To heal the wounds we made in each other.

But what’s done is done,
Irreversible like death,
So you have your life and I have mine…
Unless I’ve got yours and you’ve got mine,
In which case it doesn’t really matter anymore,
Because though we abandoned each other
For love of self,
We took part of each other with us.

“Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…”

So now our kids will scream that
Today’s our holiday,
But in the aftermath
I find that my world’s falling gently apart…
Has yours, dear?
So I guess this is goodbye,
With no chance we can still be friends…

And on that happy note, here’s the…
*LiNk oF tHe DaY*: an ounce of hope. This is actually written by a recent divorcee. Quite insightful.


Post #3: “I am thankful that I’m incapable of doing any good on my own…”
Well, boys and girls, tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, so I encourage everyone to go find someone you’re thankful for and give them a big hug to let them know. Also, check outRelevant and their articles on Thanksgiving that I think everyone’ll find pretty entertaining, if anything. My older brother’s coming from Georgia, and he and his family are packing up and leaving Tuesday so he can report to the military. Anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog who is in the service, props to you and thanks for defending the country. 🙂

I seriously miss my friends from school. When you see people five days a week, thirty-six weeks a year, for four years, you kind of miss seeing them on a regular basis when breaks come. I should probably call around and see if anyone’s up to going out somewhere this weekend…

At any rate, happy Thanksgiving, everybody. Go out and eat all the turkey and stuffing you possibly can.

*LiNk oF tHe DaY*: Anything to disrupt the tedium. This teacher at my school has a blog and has a lot of, um, interesting things to say.


Post #2: Stress, and More about Me
I need to send in my college applications really soon…

If you’re of the praying type (which everyone really should be, it helps a lot), pray for my family. We’re going through a lot of stuff right now…I can’t really go into detail about it…my mom has this illness called fibromyalgia and that affects a lot of what goes on at my house.

I have SO MUCH STUFF to do before the semester’s over (which is in just a few weeks–wahoo!)–I have three projects to finish, finals to start studying for, and an eight-page paper to write by December 18. I swear, I am going to go out of my mind pretty soon. Time management isn’t exactly my gift, so ya know…

Anyway, more about me:

Name: Amanda (also known as Manders or Manda)
Age: 17 (will be 18 in January)
Family status: two parents (still married after 31 years), and an older brother with a wife and two kids
Interests: I sing alto in the choir, I write my own plays (ranging from semi-experimental to outright stupid), I write poetry (I’ll post some eventually), I play acoustic guitar but I want to get a bass. Oh, yeah, and I also know a little ASL (American Sign Language). I’m also really into all of the performing arts, especially really random experimental stuff (e.g. Cirque du Soleil, the Blue Man Group, Stomp)
Favorite bands: Five Iron Frenzy, Creed, Caedmon’s Call, Train, Lifehouse, Box Car Racer, Chevelle, The Juliana Theory, Shaded Red,
Favorite books: Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance, The Great Divorce, Four Souls, What’s So Amazing About Grace?, Soul Survivor. I also like the books of Ecclesiastes and Hosea in the Old Testament. 🙂
Favorite color: red
What are you gonna do with your life? I’m planning on going to Baylor University (sic ’em BEARS!), and I want to be a high school teacher.


Post #1
So this is my first post on this thing. This is about the fifth time I’ve tried making one of these because my computer at home is stupid, so I’m going to start blogging from the computer in study hall at school…

Well, I’m your semi-run-of-the-mill high school student, and I want to be an English or performing arts teacher when I get out of college (hence the web address). I’m here at a private Christian school out on the Texas Gulf Coast that I’ve been attending for six years (or is it seven now? I’ve lost track). It has its share of quirks (uniforms, strictness, chapel, the whole nine yards), but I’ve gotten used to it by now. I took a hint from Philip Yancey (great author, btw) and decided to start treat it like its own subculture with its own rules and such. If you look at it that way, it keeps you from going completely insane sometimes.

Come to think of it, it’s kind of how I treat the Christian subculture sometimes. Not to say that Christianity isn’t great, Christianity is awesome. It’s the coolest thing ever. It’s why I get up every morning. It’s why I’m still alive (but that’s for another post). But the way we in America treat it, it gets a little ridiculous. At times it seems like we’ve turned it into a mockery of what it’s really all about. God didn’t create a sacred and a secular world. He created the world, and He is to cover everything and anything in our lives, whatever it is. My parents’ generation turned life into such a dichotomy and it’s been passed on to the generations following. There’s always hope, though; I see people breaking out of it every day. (Everyone check out Relevant Magazine and the book Roaring Lambs by Bob Briner for more of what I’m talking about.

Well, I’ll be back periodically to talk about my life and such…keep your eyes peeled.

*manders the chick*