Post #6: Even more completely random thoughts…
Well, the semester is almost over, so here are just some random things I’ve gleaned.
*Papers are of the devil. I hope that when I’m teaching, I never give my kids many papers. Not that I don’t like writing (I love it, in fact), but they’re just so gosh darn time consuming. I hate to think how long it takes to grade them. Is there really a point to them at all?
*There’s a lot of good movies out right now. If any of my friends are reading this, call me or something.
*Does anyone even read this blog? Am I just rambling to myself?
*Commentaries are really helpful whenever you’re writing a paper for an Old Testament Survey class, so any religion or philosophy majors out there, take note.
*BTW, to all two of you who read this (probably less than that–lol), there are comment boxes below each post I have. If anyone actually reads it, leave a message or something so I can get some signs of life.

*LiNk oF tHe DaY* Out of the Void. Some of the guys from CGR got together and formed this. I told one of them I’d be their unofficial PR chick, so Scott, if you ever click in here, here ya go. 🙂


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