Post #8: More poetry.

He is with us…
He is prophecy fulfilled,
the marked one in a sea of faces,
the infinite in the form of an infant,
the glory and the word of God incarnate.
“He humbled himself, taking on the nature of a servant.”
Holy, holy, holy
is this child born in Bethlehem,
the Son of two peasants from the sticks.
This, the Messiah, the coming King?

And foolish shepherds and wise stargazers
come pay homage to this King of the fools,
of the homeless, the hungry,
the poor, the impoverished,
the sick, the starving,
the mourning and the widows and the lepers,
the businessman imprisoned in New York’s skyline,
the IRA soldier fighting for his freedom,
the AIDS patient and the drug addict,
the Afghani girl who stares wondering at the Middle Eastern stars,
the lonely pastor’s wife alone praying for hope of something more.
“L’amour de Dieu est folie.”
This is madness, a King in rags
Come to save us all.
He is with us, our God is here, dwelling among us as a Man of Sorrows.

*LiNk oF tHe DaY* Life in the Freezer. A scientist goes to Antarctica and blogs about it…good fun and some awesome photos to boot.


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