Post #11: Extreme forms of randomness
* * * * * *
Had a government final today…it was easy as cake, I thought. It was all multiple choice and matching, and a couple of really short essays at the end. Don’t know how I did, but I’m pretty confident I made at least a 90. She gave us candy canes, too…
* * * * * *
This doesn’t have a title as of now, but if anyone wants to name it stick a title in the comment box. I was trying to go for “hymn-like”, I’m not terribly sure if I succeeded.

When darkness falls around my face
And I am worn with hell’s disgrace
Oh King of glory, Man of sorrows
Keeper of the world’s tomorrows
Come shine Your light upon this place

When I was blind with sin’s black shame
And my voice couldn’t call Your name
Oh Jesus, Savior, my soul’s Lover
Lifted above every other
From heaven’s throne for me You came

When tears of those around me fall
And brokenness, their names it calls
Oh Holy Spirit, heavenly Friend
Our countless wounds You come to mend
So we will name You Lord of all

When this world’s call remains so strong
And on our ears it falls so long
Consuming fire, oh holy Flame
You cover us from satan’s blame
And cover all our sins and wrongs

And I’ll sing glory to the One
Who died for us, yes, God’s own Son
Oh let us live just for Your glory
And let Your hand write our story
And we wait for when You’ll come
* * * * * *
It’s weird how people can call themselves Christians, but when it comes right down to it they sure don’t show it. I’m guilty of it, you’re probably guilty of it, I think everyone in the church has done it at one time or another. I get to see it in a very concentrated form every day. (Thank you, Christian school…) I think in an environment like my school, it’s very easy to get jaded towards God–we all hear it from church, from each other, from our teachers, in class, in chapel. We’ve got Christianity coming out our ears. I suppose it just gets old after a while.

And so I’m sorta thankful we have all these newbies around (newbies = new believers). They’re mostly juniors…they’ve still got that “first love” thing going on, and it’s kinda cool to watch how excited they get about it. I’m gonna start praying for them, that they don’t go into burnout like I did. The initial passion will fade out, yeah, but I hope they don’t ever lose their love for Him. For the rest of us I’m praying that we will return to Him, that it quits so old-hat. I don’t want to find myself in 20 years without that love I used to have for Him. I still love Him, but it’s not quite as deep as it used to be.
* * * * * *
*LiNk oF tHe DaY* Mr. Nice! This just makes me smile…


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