Post #15: control-freaking, spoken words, and weight loss
Ever notice that the thing we’re so quick to condemn in others, is usually the very thing we do ourselves (and hate about ourselves)?

I think everyone has this tendency to be control freakish in one form or another. Some people are emotionally manipulative (CEOs of the guilt trip travel agency, as my family calls them); some people are just outright blunt (“you’re gonna do this now, because I said so!”). Some are a lot like me: I’m one of those people who, in an argument, just *has* to be right. I suppose it’s part of human nature, it’s pride manifesting itself. That, I suppose, is the core problem with all of us. It’s why we need a Savior who is “meek and humble in heart,” because we sure as heck can’t save ourselves in our arrogance. I guess it’s only when we come to the cross and get crucified that being a control freak ends, because that way He’s in charge, not us. It’s something I have to fight with all the time, something God has to smack me with every day.
* * * * * *
In other news, two guys at my school are going to learn Elvish. Yes, Elvish, that language that Arwen and Galadriel and Co. speak in Lord of the Rings. One of the guys bought a book that teaches you the language, and he and this junior are going to learn it. I might just be crazy enough to join the madness. Hey, my dad learned Klingon during high school, so why not?
* * * * * *
All I want for Christmas is…
*a car, preferably a silver Toyota Corolla. (like i’m gonna get that…)
*I need clothes.
*David Mitchell to come back to the school. *single tear*
*a couple of CDs and books (i forget which ones i asked for…oh, well, i’ll be surprised)
*a bass.
*a camera (preferably of the digital sort)

So there you go, kids, if anyone feels generous enough to get me anything off of this, I’ll owe you big time.
* * * * * *
I need to start losing weight. We’re going to Hawaii in five months and I don’t want to be traipsing around the beach in the shape (read: round shape) that I’m in now. So look out, world…
* * * * * *
*LiNk oF tHe DaY* You. This is a spoken word piece that Amena Brown gave at OneDay Link a few months ago. I wasn’t there (obviously), but I caught it on the Internet. Good stuff.


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