Post #17: Lord of the Rings stars, older brothers, and guy friends
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You know how all the other teenage chick LotR fans are obsessed with either Elijah Wood or Orlando Bloom? Not this one! Not that Elijah and Orlando aren’t good-looking guys, mind you, but my favorite is a lesser-known, a little-more-in-the-background kind of guy: Billy Boyd, better known to the world as the Pippin Took. I mean, come on: He’s Scottish. He acts. He sings. He plays guitar, bass, and drums. Come on, who wouldn’t love that?

Here is his official webpage (if anyone cares…hehehe).
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My older brother’s coming in tomorrow from North Carolina. He’s only staying a day, though; he’s gotta get back home to his wife and kids before Christmas b/c they’re still moving into their house.

Something you gotta know about my brother: He’s stark raving looney. He’s in the army, and he gets to jump out of planes and shoot people for a living. He reads political science books. He’s got two sons under the age of 8. Wouldn’t that drive you nuts, too? Ah, well, I still love him. (Randy, if you’re reading this, be careful not to land in any minefields…heh.)
* * * * * *
Well, anyway, since I’m as bored as I am, I’d like to now take this moment to brag about my guy friends. (If you’re a guy I know, and you’re not mentioned, and your feelings got hurt because of it, leave something in the comment box and I’ll get to you later.)

Caleb. Caleb and I met when we were in the second grade…I went to public school back then, and for two months, so did he. I remember passing him in the hall and thinking, “Hey, he’s kinda cute.” After those two months, he went to the school we both go to now, and when I came in sixth grade we were both like, “Haven’t we met somewhere before?” Caleb just always encourages me to go deeper with God–not necessarily with his words (although he does do that), but with his actions and his own life. He’s very accepting of everyone (something I’m *still* trying to learn). Not to mention he just has a really twisted sense of humor…oh, yeah, and he’s also obsessed with his g/f (more on her later). (Psycho groupie cocaine crazy…)

Josh. Josh and I met during seventh grade drama class (which, as I have mentioned, was outright scary). We didn’t really get to know each other until, shoot, I don’t know…oh wait, it was church camp, 1999. He just showed up and there was this huge group of us that hung out. ‘Twas fun. Anyhow, yeah, he and I went on this mission trip together to Seattle, where he discovered that he could write lyrics. He loves God immensely and we’ve been through a LOT of crazy times together…if it wasn’t for him, I wonder if I’d still be alive. Not to mention he’s a big brother, too–his mom just had a baby girl in June (who is adorable, btw).

Ryan. Ryan and I met in Sunday school in third grade. I used to think he was really mean for a long time because he called me stupid once (lol, I’m really bad about holding on to grudges). Anyway, he started coming to my school freshman year, and we’ve been good friends ever since. We actually were coworkers last summer; we networked computers for our school. Quite an, um, interesting experience. He’s one of those rare guys that’s actually a good listener…you can start venting and he’ll just sit there and listen. Well, he’ll ask questions and offer to pray for you in between, but that’s about it. Oh, yeah, and he’s been playing piano for twelve years and guitar for one. Fabulous musician.

West, Aaron, Anderson, Nick, and Gladney. These five guys are known, in my mind, as “the bomb squad”. They keep my life from exploding in my face completely, just because they’re so completely weird and funny. Gladney and West are so-called b/c they have the same first name, so I just call them by their last names for my own sanity’s sake. Nick is better known around my school as “the Paki” b/c his dad’s from Pakistan, and thus Nick looks like somebody the airport would pull aside and interrogate for hours. (hehe)

Zach. Zach and I met in seventh grade. We’d been going to the same school for a year, but in sixth grade we were the type of people that largely ignore the opposite sex, so we didn’t actually get to know each other until seventh grade, in drama class (which was scary in and of itself). Zach is insane. He’s more stark raving looney than my brother. He probably has the weirdest sense of humor I know, and he wants to totally follow God in everything he does (which is admirable), and incidentally wants to go into genetics and bioethics. Oh, yeah, and he is a charter member of the “Hey, let’s bring our guitars to school every day” club.

Anyway, the guys all rock, and it’s good to have them around. I’ll talk about the girls tomorrow. 😀

*LiNk oF tHe DaY*OneDay 03. It’s the day after I graduate–anyone else up for a road trip?


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