Post #18: Journaling, more on my brother, and the girls
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Blogging is a lot of fun, because you get to post your thoughts, rants, and otherwise on the Internet for the whole world to read, and thus have a reason to either admire or laugh at you. There are some things, however, that you really can’t post for the whole world to read, which is why hard-copy journaling comes in really handy. Just get yourself a notebook and start writing stuff down. It’s a really good stress release, and (believe it or not) it’s great for your spiritual life, too. When you’re forcing yourself to write down your thoughts, it makes you confront yourself and sit still for a few moments. That can’t hurt anyone.

You don’t have to write for hours a day, you don’t have to get yourself a big fancy journal–heck, you don’t even have to worry about spelling (unless you’re like me and you freak out at stuff like that). Just set aside a few minutes a day and write–your life will be enriched by it. (Here is a great article on journaling if you want to read up more about it.)
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My brother didn’t come home after all…something about his ticket falling through. Pff. Whatever. He did, however, get two beagle puppies today…that’ll be really interesting, considering my sister-in-law doesn’t like dogs in the least bit. At least my nephews will probably like them–my parents and I have a dog (Rufus is his name, if anyone cares) and they loved him to death whenever they came over.
* * * * * *
OK, yesterday I said I’d talk about all my chick friends, so here goes…

Bettina. Bettina and I just met this August when she came to CCCS. She and I sing alto together in choir (and we’re the only seniors in our section, too–gotta love that); she’s hypoglycemic, so if she doesn’t eat every few hours she gets really sick and we all freak out about it (because we all love ya, B!). I still don’t know her as well as I’d like, but all in all she’s a really cool person to hang out with and talk to.

Heather. Heather also just came this year…she plays the keyboard and we’re in worship band together at school. She’s a drama freak like myself, so that always gives us a starting point for discussion. She also knows sign language and does it really, really well–it’s absolutely breathtaking whenever she signs. Gorgeous. Again, we’re still getting to know each other, but she’s fun to hang around because she’s so random…hehehe

Kristen. Kristen just came this year, too…she’s actually home schooled, so she only comes a couple of hours a day. The girl is a big fan of cars, but I think she’s more into llamas (lol). She’s REALLY random–I mean, like more random than Heather random–which comes in handy during consumer math (which is basically study hall in a different format).


Hannah. The two of us met in middle school at church…I like to call her my fellow theater freak because she’s about as obsessed with it as I am. She’s so obsessed, in fact, that she’s actually in a production with a local theater group right now (The Best Christmas Pageant Ever with the AD Players–I promise, Hannah, I’ll come see it soon). She’s got a great sense of humor–rather random and twisted, actually (not that that’s bad!). The two of us have talked about going to NYC and being in a musical together eventually…

Jamie and Ashley. Gotta love these chicks…they’re cool people to have conversations with b/c they listen and have a lot to contribute to the chat. They’ve both been through a lot, but they’ve come out a lot stronger because of it. Most of the time they’re my ranting buddies–whenever life gets really insane or moronic, they’re always there to complain about it with me, especially during consumer math (lol).

Lindsay. She’s been mentioned on here before, in the form of her blog (feetphobia.blogspot.com). We met last year in drama…I’d seen her around school before, but we didn’t really get to know each other until last spring. She’s really sweet, usually always happy (key word there is “usually”) and hyper. Oh, yeah, and she’s liked the same guy for almost three years now (hehe, Linds). Last year we went to this academic competition together (nerds of the world unite…lol) and were roomies…wow, that was crazy.

Monika. This chick came to Cypress in eighth grade and has been everyone’s friend ever since. I swear, she’s perfect (not really, but we rib her about it all the time). She makes straight A’s, plays every sport possible, sings like an angel, plays the piano and oboe, and makes friends like you wouldn’t believe. Did I mention she’s also one of the strongest Christians I know? Goodness. She’s our acting “mommy” figure at school (hehehe), and so she’s one of those people who you go to in order to get advice and stuff.

Roxy. She just came to Cypress last year, but I already count her among my best friends. She’s got this awesome heart–she’s fun, she listens, and all around cares about people. Oh, and she loves penguins (although after this chat room we were both in the other night, the term “penguin” kinda has a new meaning–don’t ask). She also plays percussion, guitar, and piano…writes her own songs, too! She’s someone you can make friends with very easily, and will challenge you spiritually if you hang out with her long enough.

Steph. We’ve known each other for, gosh, almost ten years now…she and I met when I was in fourth grade and she was in third at GA camp and have been great friends ever since (although we have had our “off periods”–when I was in sixth grade, she says I was mean to her…I don’t deny it). The two of us can talk together for HOURS about stuff. She’s a great person and seriously wants to follow God’s will in her life. Not to mention she has great taste in music… 🙂

Again, if I forgot anyone, feel free to leave something in the comment boxes so I can add you to the list.

*LiNk oF tHe DaY* Mr. Dutton Goes to Mozambique. A fellow blogger who’s in the Peace Corps in, well, Mozambique. Very fascinating stuff.


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