1. Opening presents…rip ’em open with all abandon, or carefully open, preserving the pretty paper for recycling? Depends. More often than not I just rip ’em open, but sometimes the paper is so cool that I’ll save it.
2. Do you and yours take turns, opening one gift at a time, or does everyone just rip into everything at the same time? Everyone just opens everything at once (which isn’t bad, considering there’s just three of us that live at my house).
3. If you get something you don’t like…do you try to return it, or keep it so as not to hurt the giver’s feelings? I usually keep it, but it always ends up under the bed or something.
4. Do you spend the holiday at home (yours or someone else’s), or do you go out and eat, see the newest movie, whatever? Spend it at home, actually. Every Christmas we go over to my grandparents’ house for a while, which is always a great experience (right…).
5. What do you do with Christmas cards after the holiday is over? Save them, or toss them? Know what’s sad? I rarely, if ever, get Christmas cards.
6. Cook Christmas dinner, or does someone else do that? My dad always makes tacos for Christmas dinner…they’re really yummy. If you’re sick of ham and turkey and stuff, come over to my house. 😀
7. It’s Christmas Eve, and you have run out of wrapping paper. Do you go out and buy more, or wrap the rest of the gifts in the Sunday comics? I’d use the comics, but at my house, we’re NEVER out of wrapping paper. That would be one of the seven deadly Christmas sins. (Or something like that…)
8. On Christmas morning…up at the crack of dawn, eagerly anticipating the loot…or would you rather sleep in? Have you not been paying attention? Sleep is my friend. 😀
9. Do you want a white or a green Chrismas? White would be nice, but I live in south Texas…lol
10. Going to church on Christmas…yes or no? We always go on Christmas Eve (another one of the seven deadly Christmas sins: not going to the Christmas Eve service).


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