Post #21: A survey about me

15 years ago I:
1. was two…
2. already knew how to read.
3. had an older brother who was 11 already
4. think I had the chicken pox for a few days…
5. lived in a house w/the street # “666”. I’m not kidding.

10 years ago, I:
1. was 7…
2. had had glasses for 2 years already…yes, I’m that blind…
3. had one of the coolest teachers in the world!
4. discovered that if I used my diaphragm to sing, it actually sounded better…something I had to learn all over again when I turned 12…
5. met my friend Caleb

5 years ago, I:
1. started seventh grade
2. already was getting depressed/suicidial (kinda scary, eh?)
3. had a year-old nephew (awwww…)
4. was in choir…there weren’t any boys in there, but we still managed to have a tenor section (thanks to some of the eighth grade girls)
5. had hair past my shoulders–doesn’t sound that weird, except if you consider the fact that I chopped it all off the next year

2 years ago, I:
1. was a sophomore!!!
2. had a class that shrank dramatically…
3. started getting interested in sign language
4. went to seattle on a mission trip and made loads of memories…
5. still didn’t have my license

1 year ago, I:
1. was a JUNIOR!
2. went to my first dance (hehe)
3. started liking this one guy friend of mine…
4. was in drama and getting sick of the song “Sick Cycle Carousel” (LONG story)
5. got a new youth pastor, Matt

Yesterday, I:
1. sat around like a lump.
2. updated the blog
3. went out to dinner with my parents
4. did some writing.
5. organized my backpack for school

Today, I:
1. woke up at 10:45 (when I’d set my alarm to go off two hours earlier)
2. am updating the blog AGAIN…
3. am destined to be really, really bored.
4. should probably go see my friend Nick, who’s stuck at the fireworks stand he’s running until New Year’s
5. need to go buy some strings and picks for the guitar.

Tomorrow, I:
1. don’t have anything to do, anyone want to go see a movie?
2. should probably clean the rest of my room
3. will probably sleep until 11 o’clock AGAIN
4. need to call Baylor and make sure they got my application
5. will check out “the very official ask jay anything thread” on CGR b/c it gets updated on Saturdays (wow, I need to get a life)

Five snacks i enjoy
1. kettle corn (yummy)
2. cheddar goldfish
3. baby carrots…
4. easy mac
5. plain ritz crackers…

Five songs I know all the words to, even without the music
1. “Worlds Apart” by Jars of Clay
2. “Center Aisle” by Caedmon’s Call
3. almost all of “Stay Together for the Kids” by Blink-182 (hehe)
4. “One by One” from the Broadway version of The Lion King musical (especially interesting since most of it’s in zulu)
5. “Violet” by the Tremolo Cowboys (great song)

Five books I like:
1. Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance by Don Miller
2. Four Souls by Mike Peterson, Matt Kronberg, Jedd Medefind, and Trey Sklar
3. Ecclesiastes
4. Psalms
5. Enter the Worship Circle by Ben Pasley

Five things i would buy with $1000:
1. $100 goes to church
2. $500 goes to a homeless shelter
3. a bass
4. presents for everyone
5. I dunno…an air freshener for the car

Top five musicians lately (not in any particular order)
1. Waterdeep
2. Josh Groban
3. Creed
4. Lifehouse
5. Dave Matthews Band

Five bad habits I have
1. talking to myself…
2. interrupting people
3. procrastinating!!!!
4. staying on the computer too long
5. doodling during class (you should see my notebooks…it’s ridiculous)

five things I would never wear
1. spandex. blegh.
2. something that makes me look like a boy
3. three little words: abercrombie and fitch
4. the clothes @ fancydeluxe.com (scariness)
5. my sister-in-law’s clothes (mostly b/c I know I’d never fit in them…lol)

Five tv shows i like
1. Trading Spaces
2. Whose Line Is It Anyway?
3. Alias (hehe)
4. Good Morning America (it’s good to watch during breakfast)
5. The Late Show w/Dave Letterman

five places i’ve lived
1. Korea
2. Missouri
3. my house…
4. that’s it. exciting, huh?

my top five biggest worries at the moment
1. my relationship w/God
2. my mom’s health
4. school…
5. guys (blegh)

my top five biggest joys at the moment
1. school, ironically enough…
2. the Bible
3. my family
4. sleep 🙂
5. friends

five things that make you laugh
1. my friends (esp. the guys)
2. freshmen…
3. Whose Line?
4. http://www.fancydeluxe.com
5. general randomness…

five things you love
1. God (there’s my church kid answer for the day…it is true, though)
2. my family/friends
3. music.
4. acting
5. learning

Five things on your desk
1. baskets of pens
2. books & magazines
3. papers I need to put up…
4. a little organizer thingy holding my stationary…
5. my computer

Five facts about you
1. i’ve always had this thing where i want to be a CIA agent…
2. i think bass players are among the coolest ppl in the world
3. i don’t like my current church (for several reasons)
4. when i was little, i wanted to be a scientist
5. i want to learn how to run sound

five things you can do
1. remember really random things
2. “speak” sign language
3. origami
4. yell really, really loud
5. sing tenor, alto and soprano. i’ve sung baritone ONCE, and that was in harmonizing with a song i was listening to. it was scary.

five things you can’t do
1. understand calculus
2. run the world (that would be frightening)
3. go without doodling while I’m taking notes in class…
4. run fast
5. sew

five things you say the most
1. shoot!
2. that’s just lovely…
3. what? and/or huh?
4. wow…
5. nice…
* * * * * *
*LiNk oF tHe DaY* Prophetik. This great clothing company…they make t-shirts that are Christian without being “Christian t-shirts.” (Did that make any sense?)


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