Post #23: And now for some completely gratuitous links…

I stumbled upon these while I was clicking around; being the bizarre sorts that you are, I figured you guys would probably like them. (Disclaimer: Some of these have some swearing involved, so read with discernment.) Enjoy.

20 things. 20 people. 20 days. For all you artistic types, this is a program where you make small art projects (24 cubic inches is the max, according to the site), send them in to the person in charge, and in return you get 20 art projects, one from 20 different people.

Booklend. This guy on the east coast lends out his book collection via snail mail. He does expect you to send them back, but he pays for your return postage and everything. Unfortunately, most of the books are checked out right now, so if you actually want to borrow something you’ll probably need to wait about a year or so. (Sorry.)

Feeling is mutual. Remember anything to disrupt the tedium? This is his girlfriend’s blog.

fifty word fiction. That’s right–a webpage of 200 fiction works that are only fifty words long. Quite entertaining.

Java Jazz. A local coffee place where some friends/acquaintances of mine are regulars.

Pike Place Market. I went here three years ago with my youth group while we were on a mission trip (it was “sightseeing day”). Two friends and I wandered around the entire market district of Seattle and had some good times. This is a phenomenal place to see in person, but the website is the next coolest thing. (Yes, this is the market where the guys throw the fish around.)

the 1000 journal project. Some guy in California had the brilliant idea to send 1,000 blank journals to random places and see what happened. One of them’s made it back to him so far…take a look at the journal gallery, some of these things are amazing. Wow.


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