Post #25: New Year’s and blogidemics

There appears to have been a random sort of uprising of blogs–a “blogidemic”, if you will. All these people I know are all of a sudden rushing off to Blogger and signing up. Not that that’s bad, mind you–I’m all for blogging–but it’s just sort of funny. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into some sort of weird fad.
* * * * * *
So how does the new format look? I used this template 1) because I like the layout 2) because it just looks cool and 3) everybody else I know is using it (right…). Hopefully this one doesn’t eat the archives like the last time I tried changing templates.
* * * * * *
I wrote a poem spontaneously last night…hope you like it.

[new year’s]

God’s diamond stars are out tonight,
Playing hide-and-seek behind city lights,
A lot like you and I disguise
Our wishful thoughts behind our eyes.

December’s end we celebrate,
The coming year we leave to fate;
Oh, God, I hope it’s not too late
For us to fight, not hesitate…

Ridiculous, insane we are
To try to reach just for the stars,
While heaven-bound our souls would be
If we would only try to see

Beyond the stars, the black of night.
Eternity might shed its light
On things unseen; the bitter end
Might just become a sweeter friend.

A page is turned, the morning comes,
With endings lost and startings won.
This mystery of you and I
As we all try to touch the sky…


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