Post #27: This or That, randomness from my school, and other lovely things

1. Stay in or go out on New Year’s Eve? This year I went out…
2. If you stay home, do you stay up to ring in the new year, or fall asleep earlier? I always stay up (mostly because I’m weird and nocturnal)
3. If you go out, do you prefer to attend a party at someone’s home, or go to a bar/nightclub/restaurant? party 🙂
4. Make resolutions, or do you not bother? I make resolutions, but I never keep them 🙂
5. Ever been to Times Square (New York City) on New Year’s Eve, or just watched the ball drop on TV? TV, but I went to Times Square last summer
6. Toast the New Year with champagne or a soft drink? Soda (duh). Come on, now…
7. Do you have a special New Year’s dinner or not? No
8. Do you already have your 2003 calendar, or do you wait to buy one until the stores mark them down? I need to get one…
9. Take down Christmas decorations: before or after New Year’s? After.
10. Funny hats and noisemakers, or a quieter celebration? Hats and noisemakers

* * * * * *
“ethereal thoughts” (to your left there–no, no, no, your other left) is evolving into the official blog of the poets’ society, a group of people from my school that all figured out we could write poetry a few years ago, and so we started randomly sharing our stuff with each other. So now it’s going to end up on the Internet for the whole world to find. Wahoo!

Also, Aaron started a message board for all of us @ CCCS, so I put up a link to it. Enjoy.


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