Post #29: I think I’m gonna lose my sanity…wait, it’s already gone!

I go back to school tomorrow. Wahoo. While it’ll be good to see everyone, I do not want to work. At all. The senioritis bug is starting to eat my brain away. (Ew, how’s that for a mental picture?) Ah, well. If it’s not one thing, it’s another…

* * * * * *
I wrote this at 1:00 this morning, so if it doesn’t make any sense at all, that’s why.


I get all wrapped up in
All broken up by
All twisted around in
You and me and everything in between
And it’s frantic atlantic glowing sowing
Glorious victorious heretical phonetical
It’s all about words
About this emotion
So it’s all about nothing, about this commotion
And yet it’s still all about us

This mess is all
Red like starlight and blue like their stories
And down it all goes
Down into egypt where the gods all drown
They all drown in blood and fire

While into desert we still wander
Princess swordsman pirate giant
Lion witch and sons of adam
Hobbit elf dwarf wizard king
Are we fiction fantasy history allegory
Some product of a dreamer’s mind

And we get washed away
Washed away by fire and words
Like an addict
Like a poet
Like a victim
Like a student
Like our society

* * * * * *


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