Post #34: Turning 18 and other forms of mental disorders

Well, the folks at CGR gave me a nice little birthday thread…it’s in the Cheap Post Forum if you wanna check it out. Other than that, my birthday was pretty much another typical day at old C cubed S. My government teacher did give everyone a bonus on our quiz for knowing how old I turned, though. I thought that was rather amusing. I went out to dinner with my parents and grandparents and aunt and cousin, which was actually more fun than I thought it’d be. Good times, good times.

Now I smell like “warm vanilla sugar” from Bath and Body Works because my mom decided to go out and get me everything at the store that smells like that…hehehe. It’s euphoric. Very nice stuff.

* * * * * *
Hehehe…Mr. Mitchell thinks all of us seniors with blogs are “uber-hipp”. That guy cracks me up.

* * * * * *
Two days until 8count! Woo!

And Viggo Mortensen’s dad is a Danish.


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