Post #35: “I’m a…”

I had an interesting thought today during chapel…a good friend of mine (who’s in college) spoke today about how we need to be unashamed of the gospel. Which is cool. The funny part is that near the end, he said something like, “If you’re unashamed today, yell ‘I love my Jesus!'” and a good deal of people stood up and yelled–some people who aren’t living like they’re unashamed, anyway. I sat there and didn’t say anything because, to tell the truth, I *am* ashamed of the gospel. I don’t speak up near as much as I should. I’m not gonna lie about it.

Anyhow, some of us were talking about it afterwards, and I had a thought: What if he’d have asked us to stand up and yell, “I’m a sinner who murdered an innocent Man! I’m worthless! I’m unclean! ” Granted, it’s not as short or catchy, but I wonder how many people would have stood up and yelled that. Probably not as many. But at least we’d all be honest…heh. Come on, now. It’s only because of Christ that we can even be unashamed of Him anyway–it’s not going to be anything we conjure up. (I know that’s what he meant, but it’s still kind of a funny thought to think of all these people yelling, “I’m worthless!”)

I found one of the most point-blank honest confessions that I’ve ever heard. I’ve posted this before, but everyone check out this cool song called “Wedding Dress.” We *are* guilty of spiritual adultery. It’s only Him who makes us clean and holy.


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