Post #37: Popcorn, emo songs, and other random moments from 8count

1) Mr. and Mrs. Coker and Mr. and Mrs. Collins are the coolest people ever!
2) “Not to offend anyone or anything, but, uh…does anyone bring popcorn to Thanksgiving?” –Derek
3) Josh and Ryan wrote an emo song. It’s really cool.
4) Amy Cheek is my hero! It’s about Jesus, baby!
5) My lip is healing up nicely, thank you.
6) Silly Sicles is the stupidest game ever invented. Can I get an “amen”?
7) Jon got all of us girls with the camera flash…at two a.m.
8) Nick broke Kyle Collins’ bed…
9) “There’s a McClendon under the pool table!”
10) How many games of dorkball can we play in one weekend?
11) Better yet, how many guitars can we fit in one house?
12) That stupid key sounds like a foghorn.
13) “They don’t make pills for what I have.” –Josh

All right, there’ll probably be more after tonight, but let me just say that God is good. šŸ™‚


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