Post #38: MY GLORIOUS!”

Last night was incredible. It takes a lot to get me to be yelling a song at the top of my lungs, and last night I was. A lot of us were. I haven’t had joy in a really long time.

This weekend…well, let me take you back to Saturday night. I’m sitting in my chair during worship, and the band’s playing “My Refuge.” (Good song, by the way.) I’m sitting there, and just thinking, “You know what, my life is pretty empty right now.” And so God starts talking to me, and for the first time in a long while, I start listening. He basically said this: “You’ve been trying to live on your own. You’ve been running from Me, and from other people, and you’ve been just living to make yourself happy and make yourself look good.” I won’t say I was spiritually dead–I mean, I know Jesus and all, have for a long time–but I will say that I was spiritually comatose. (Funny thing…I’d been leading worship at our house all weekend. Just goes to show how fake I can be.)

So, this weekend, I gave up control. I can’t be in charge anymore. I need other people to keep me accountable. I’m weak. I can’t do this alone. So anyone who’s reading this and who I come in contact with on a regular basis, please keep me accountable. Tell me when I screw up. Help me get up when I fall. Be my cut men (and women).

* * * * * *
Everyone check out a song called “Wait” by Everyday Sunday…

* * * * * *
I went to this site called Find Your Spot (thanks, Hannah!), and told me I should be living in the following places (this is the top 10 list):

1) Carlisle, PA
2) Rochester, NY
3) Pittsburgh, PA
4) Norfolk, VA
5) Louisville, KY
6) Nashville, TN
7) Tulsa, OK
8) Philadelphia, PA
9) Lexington, KY
10) Oklahoma City, OK

Apparently I’m more of an East Coaster than I thought I was…


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