Post #44: “We know that schizophrenia is a brain disease…”

The above quote is from one of Baylor’s assistant psychology profs…wow, that guy needs help. Or something.

Yes, boys and girls, my dad and I went to Baylor University today, had a lot of fun, met some cool people. Let me say this: Baylor has some nice buildings. Like super-nice. I walked into the English department’s building (oddly called “the Carroll Science Building”), and it was one of those places you expect Lewis or Tolkien to be wandering around in. The people are friendly, too…plus the girls in Collins Residence Hall have really good decorating taste. Quite nice dorms. Huge college bookstore (that has a really bad selection of music).

The only thing that sort of bothered me is the apparent lack of spirituality, but it could just be because I got around the wrong people. The funny thing is, one of my first thoughts about BU was, “This is a lot like Cypress, only bigger and there’s not a dress code.” It’s spooky how similar it is. The English prof I talked to reminded me of Mrs. Weppler (my Spanish teacher). Come to think of it, that psych prof was a lot like Mr. Dice, too…lol

Anyway, if you don’t know where you want to go for your higher education, I recommend Baylor. Heeeeeeeeyyyyy…sic ’em, Bears!


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