Post #45: Paranoia…

Did anyone watch Alias last night? Ohhhhhh my GOSH. Madness. I just saw the last thirty minutes–wow, that was the tensest I’ve ever been watching TV. I seriously thought he was a goner.

* * * * * *
Well, Ethereal Thoughts has been undergoing some nice changes. There’s more poetry up, so I highly recommend that you go check it out!

* * * * * *
Here are some songs that I’ve been hooked on lately…

“Piece of Glass” by Caedmon’s Call

“Live For You Tonight” by Everyday Sunday

“Worlds Apart” by Jars of Clay

“Who’s Got My Back” by Creed

“Canto Alla Vita” by Josh Groban

* * * * * *
Another brilliant quote from Travis Hughes’ buddy profile: “Love is a sacrifice, not a suicide.” That, in a funny sort of way, is incredibly appropriate.


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