Post #47: Someone save me from my life…

Have you ever just had a long stretch of time when everything was just mediocre? It’s been that way lately…nothing much really happens that hasn’t been happening for a while. Even the really traumatic/strange/yucky stuff gets boring after it’s been going on for months…*sigh*. I don’t know. I need a change in routine or something. The cool thing about God, though, is that even though He never changes, He doesn’t really get boring. Even if everything else does. I don’t know…I’m just tired, I guess. I keep wondering if this is all my life is gonna be like…oh well. Things can’t be exciting and happy all the time. (That would get boring really quickly, too…lol)

Anyway…yeah. Sorry for that lovely melancholy post. I think I’m going to go do my homework now…


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