Post #48: “Lloyd’s dead…”

About the title…on Sunday, during church, Lindsay E. decided to start a story, and pass it around so we could all write a line (I only got to write ONE! it’s not fair!)…it was about Lloyd the bunny, and somehow he died (I didn’t ever see the end). Somehow, we’re going to resurrect him this week and write another story. Funny stuff.

* * * * * *
I think I’ve found the original emo song. George Friedrich Handel wrote it (which just goes to show you that yes, Christians can write emo songs, too), and it’s called “Ah! mio cor!” (“Oh, my heart!”) I’m singing it for TAPPS Choral Competition in March. It’s actually in Italian; roughly translated, the lyrics are something like, “God, are you there? I can’t help but love this person who broke my heart. You traitor–how can you leave me here weeping and lonely, and scorn my love?!” Like I said, the original emo song. If you could get Chris Carabba to sing in Italian, this would go great on the next Dashboard CD.

* * * * * *
Well, since one good quote deserves another, here’s one from feeling is mutual (thanks, Riss):

“Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy but socially dead.” –Animaniacs

That ^ is my new life philosophy…lol

* * * * * *
My teachers…after five months of observing them, I think it’s about time for a blog about all these ladies (and two men) that work in order to cram as much information into my brain as possible. So…here goes.

Mrs. Holzman (Bible). This is the first year I’ve had her, and after five month’s worth of classes with her I’ve come to the conclusion that I like her. Granted, she does have ADD (and she’s even admitted to this), but I see where it comes from: She’s got so much truth to tell us that she can’t really help but sharing it all as soon as she possibly can. She loves God, that’s for sure, and her passion is to see us know Him too.

Coach Spurlock (consumer math). Hehe…Coach is crazy. He’s actually sort of a passive teacher–he gives us the assignment (or sometimes not even that, lol) and then sits back. Occasionally he’ll tell us to be quiet or quit talking about certain subjects…he’s a pretty cool guy all around, though, and all of us can poke some fun at him…he does the same to us, anyway. 🙂

Mrs. Lucas (English). I had Mrs. Lucas last year…she’s actually a pretty good teacher, I think. Sure, she can be harsh, but at least she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to literature and college stuff. Well, that, and she’s really easy to get off track…we go on so many rabbit trails in there it’s not even funny. She and my dad go round and round about the computers; it’s hilarious to see them go at it with each other.

Mrs. Syms (gov’t/economics). This is my first year with Mrs. Syms…she’s pretty cool. She’s been teaching for something like forty years, so she’s pretty set in her teaching method and such. She’s not a hard teacher, really; you just do what she tells you to do, and study for the tests, and you’re OK. For some reason my class amuses her a lot…

Mrs. Gertson (choir). Mrs. G and I have known each other for years–she’s really sweet, but she’s tough. She’s one of those people you don’t really expect to be tough whenever you first meet her, but trust me, she is. She’s pretty faithful to you, though, even if she does have to get on your case. For some reason, my class really amuses her, too…

Mr. Ozmun (speech). Heh heh…what can I say about Mr. Ozmun? He’s a lot of fun to hang around; he’s always got something witty up his sleeve. He’s really fond of talking about his kids, especially his youngest son (Dave), because he’s in this band called flying machine (also known as “spin490”–check out the link to the left). Heh…I love Mr. Ozmun. He’s the coolest.

Mrs. Weppler (Spanish). I’ve never observed her in a big class setting (my entire Spanish class is four people), but the best word I can come up with to describe Mrs. Weppler is “quirky.” She’s pretty well-educated when it comes to Spanish, and she actually joins in whenever the other three kids and I start wandering off-topic. She’s a pretty fun person, very nice, very concerned about our lives.


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