Post #53: “All you need is love…”

Hey, everyone check out this great article on love…I think you’ll like it. It’s pretty relevant to the times.

* * * * * *
Let me say this: If you can, avoid the book Heart of Darkness at all costs. I’m usually good at getting something worthwhile out of books…not the case here. I had to get the CliffNotes online to figure it out. All my fellow 1302ers, you know how it is. I don’t know what Mrs. Lucas sees in that book. Gosh, I wish this was a continuation of last semester so we could study C.S. Lewis some more.

Speaking of Lewis, I highly recommend that everyone read his book The Four Loves. It’s a great study of love in its different forms.

* * * * * *
It seems that I’m sort of cycling back to love this post. I think it’s because I’m beginning to understand it a lot better. This is going to sound really cliched, but it really is more than this great fuzzy feeling that you get. It honestly hurts sometimes. Love is demanding; it requires that you put aside your ego for the good of the other person. But when you do, the intimacy and fellowship (to use some Holzman terms) are incredible. And that, I think, is why Christ told us that the greatest love is laying down your life for someone else. If you can give up your very life for someone, and you’re not just doing it to make yourself look good, then there’s something very real there.

One day, I believe (and hope…), God is going to bring me some guy who loves God more than he loves me. And you know what? I’ll think that the coolest thing ever. And I pray that I’ll be the same way. I think that when both people in the relationship love God more than they love each other, then they ultimately become closer and love each other deeper. Sounds like a plan.

* * * * * *
Love, The Juliana Theory’s new CD, comes out tomorrow…I got a tip from a friend that Target will be selling it for $5.99. 🙂

I also recommend that you check out a band called Evanescence. They have a great sound; the way you guys are, I think you’ll like them.

(There’s a lot of links in this post tonight…)
* * * * * *
Oh, by the way, I found something that’s reasonably close to a Protestant monastery: It’s something called the Boiler Room and it’s in Manchester, England. Sounds like something I might check out.

* * * * * *
And one more random thought for the night: Why don’t Christians write more songs based on Psalm 137? (Yes, I am going to make you look it up yourself.)


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