Post #57: “All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above…”

I’ve been soing some reminiscing. A couple of years ago, my school put on this play called Godspell and I fell in love with it. There were some people involved with it who thought it was stupid, but I seriously was obsessed with that musical. It’s incredible. For those of you that haven’t heard of it, Godspell is a musical from the early ’70s about Jesus and His disciples based on the book of Matthew. It’s focused on His teachings and parables, but it’s told in a lot of fun, different ways. The cool thing about it is that you can make scenes into what you want. This guy named John-Michael Tebelak wrote it; he was studying to be an Episcopal priest and the play was his master’s thesis. Good times.

I suppose the reason I like it so much is because it’s what I wish church was like. It has all the elements of a good church service–a sense of community, the Scriptures, worshiping God, a prayer or two, and there’s even one part when all the actors take Communion together. It’s great. If a production ever comes near you, go and see it.

Here’s my favorite Godspell song. Hope you like it.

All Good Gifts

We plow the fields and scatter the good seed on the land
But it is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand
He sends the snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain
The breezes and the sunshine and soft, refreshing rain

All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above
So thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord for all His love

We thank Thee, then, oh Father, for all things bright and good
The seedtime and the harvest, our life, our health, our food
No gifts have we to offer for all Thy love imparts
But that which Thou desirest, our humble, thankful hearts…

* * * * * *
Yes, everyone, the rumors are true: My dad has left CCCS to go back to work @ Southwestern Bell. He’s still going to be the senior sponsor, though, and he’s still going to Hawaii with us, so no fear. He says “hi.”


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