Post #58: Randomness.

I swear, if one more person asks me about Chris Thornton’s car, I’m going to scream…for those of you who haven’t heard, I hit his PT Cruiser backing out of a parking space because I turned too soon. (That seems to be a chronic problem with me, doesn’t it?) Goodness. I have a lot of debt to pay off.

* * * * * *
Mad props to Emily for mentioning my blog on her blog…check hers out @ http://2cool2bepopular.blogspot.com — she’s a cool one, she is.

* * * * * *
Random things I’m going to miss about my high school.

1) My friends. Duh. (I love you guys! You rock!)
2) My Bible class. It’s some good stuff.
3) Getting called “Commie,” “Communist,” and “Korean” on a regular basis. Seriously, it’s kinda funny.
4) Study hall. Today Amy, Roxy, and I had the opportunity to draw all over Ryan’s arms and no one cared. It was really entertaining.
5) Hearing someone call me “Manders.”
6) Mr. Neufeld! (Yeah, everyone, the Canadian is back!)
7) Choir….
8) The guys’ random antics (which is sort of tied to #7)
9) Getting to doodle all over my notes.


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