Post #62: Controversial issues.

I am probably going to get a lot of nasty comments about this post, so if you disagree with me, remind me to hide from you for the next few days. Heh.

So about this potential war with Iraq…to tell you the whole truth, I’m not real sure how I feel about it. I’ve looked at it from both sides and to tell the truth, the anti-war people make more sense to me than the pro-war ones do. First of all, I’m not entirely convinced of the motives for this war. Is it the oil? Is it just because we don’t like Iraq? Is it because we’re genuinely interested in protecting the world? To tell the truth, it’s sort of foggy to me. The second option is looking like the most likely at the moment. Second of all, this war is going to cost a lot. Will that end up helping the economy or harming it? Good question. Third: Is war really the only option we have?

On the other hand, 1) Iraq hasn’t cooperated with the UN, that’s the truth. 2) Saddam Hussein needs to get out of power. 3) There are al-Qaeda connections with Iraq.

So what do we do? This isn’t nearly as cut and dried as I’d like it to be…but who knows. President Bush and his advisory team are working hard, and I’ll respect whatever they come out with, but what if this is just a big mistake?

All right. Politics over.


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