Post #63: For any potential boyfriends…

OK, every girl probably has her list of qualities she’s looking for in a guy. Here is mine.

1) He has to love God more than he loves me. Hands down. I want to be important, yeah, but not that important.
2) He needs to get along with his mom and dad. It’s true what they say: The way he treats his parents is how he’ll treat you.
3) We have to agree on a lot–how we’re going to raise our kids, what we believe in terms of politics, and most importantly, what we believe in terms of Christianity.

(Those are the absolute requirements. The rest of these are optional, but I’d love it if he had these qualities.)

4) He should like music and theater. I’d probably drive him crazy if he didn’t.
5) He should have a good sense of humor and creativity (which he’s probably going to need in order not to get freaked out by my extended family).
6) It’d be really nice if he played the piano or guitar and sang. πŸ™‚

And that’s it. There you go. So if you possess all these qualities, and you’re single, please e-mail me immediately (just kidding!)


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