Post #64: More tips on surviving high school life.

1) Convince your parents to get a CD burner.
2) Get your driver’s license as soon as you possibly can.
3) Don’t let yourself get hooked on stuff like the computer or caffeine. You’ll end up regretting it eventually.
4) Take a lot of pictures.
5) Don’t be afraid of dancing around in your room by yourself, or screaming, or locking yourself in the bathroom and singing something really loud.
6) Quiet is good. You don’t have to be scared by it.
7) Start memorizing a lot of Bible verses.
8) Pray for your friends. Have them pray for you. Pray together every once in a while.
9) Get to know that one person that no one really hangs out with. They’re probably pretty cool, but they’re just shy or something.
10) Talk with someone about what’s bugging you.
11) Keep a journal.
12) This is a really “mom” sort of thing to say, but eat right. Trust me; you function better when you do.
13) You don’t have to freak out about what you’re going to do with the rest of your life. You’ve got until your junior or senior year of college to do that.

(For more of these nifty tips, look at the post for December 21 in the archives)


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