Post #66: A mixed bag of stuff.

Thanks to Relevant for providing me with another reason to like Waterdeep.

“Whatever the political climate, and whatever the outcome, one thing that seems certain to me is that the Christian voice needs to be present in this discussion. When I say this, I am not presupposing that ‘the Christian voice’ is, by necessity, one way or the other, or at a certain place in between. Rather, I firmly believe that there is a wide range of opinions on this subject within the body of Christ, and that wide range is a good thing. It does not signify, as some would say, disunity in the Body. It signifies diversity. I believe as Niebuhr said that, in the army of Christ (pardon the military analogy), many of the soldiers (us) are not aware of the full plan in the Captain’s (Christ’s) mind, but this does not mean that as we carry out our commissioned duties and wonder at the difference between our various activities, that there is not still a master plan which is above and over all of us. As to specifics, in my mind, there are at least two important things about the ‘Christian voice.’

“The first is that it be Christian. Whatever our unique reasons are for believing what each of us does regarding war, are those reasons really founded in some way on our faith from the scriptures and the faith of the church? Do we let our faith go so far as to penetrate our politics, or do we hang on to our essentially petty view of things, with no concern for God’s kingdom above the kingdom of our city, state, nation or political party � or for that matter above the kingdom of the religious right? Are we willing really to look at the implications of scriptural principle on political reality? Because we should be, and we should be willing to embrace those ideas which we gather to be a part of the scriptural and ecclesiastical witness.

“The second important thing about the Christian voice, and really this is implied in the first, is that we actually care about these things. Often times, it seems the evangelical approach to life is too simply “Get ’em in; get ’em saved.” There’s too little concern with the planet we live on and all the people, Christian or not, who are our brothers and sisters in the experience. The Bible-the story of God and the people of the earth-however, is indeed about the whole world, started at creation, ending (or being recreated or something) in the consummation of the age, and includes every last little hair-on-head and sparrow-on-ground in between. For us to blow off important political issues with a little snort, and ‘It’s all gonna burn’ is not just rude, it’s un-Christian. Jesus, it says, was frequently moved with compassion. Political issues may be complicated. They may be comprised largely of human struggles for power, but if there is no Christian voice in there somewhere, then we have abandoned the post in taking up Christ’s compassion for his children.

“I think we just need to look at this thing a bit more closely and challenge our own apathy and religious smugness � I unfortunately am challenging myself in this at least as much as I am challenging you.” �Don Chaffer

* * * * * *
Ever notice that how people perceive you and how you perceive yourself tend to be two completely different things? That’s the case with me, at least…I have this reputation as the nice, crazy, intelligent Christian chick from Korea. To tell the truth, I have a sort of paradoxical view of myself. I know I have a huge ego, but at the same time I know that 1) I have little (if any) common sense and 2) I’m just as depraved as anyone else. I love and hate myself at the same time. It’s something I really struggle with, to tell the truth. I don’t share that with a whole lot of people normally, but it’s getting to a ridiculous point and I could use the prayer. Please.

* * * * * *
Played some hangman today in study hall…it was the “band edition”. Fun times. We had two different games going at once–first it was me against Ryan and Amy against Zach, then we switched. It was sorta funny–one time around Zach and I both thought of the same band, Something Corporate. I don’t really know why that was funny. I guess you had to be there…anyway, we pulled out all sorts of random, obscure bands. It was fun.

* * * * * *
You know how songs can bring back memories? Here’s a list of some that bring back some crazy ones for me, along with the memories they bring back.

“Center Aisle” by Caedmon’s Call….when I was depressed, this is one of the songs that kept me from committing suicide. I just stuck myself in the place of the girl in the song and it made me think…
“Stranded” by Plumb, “What You Want” by Caedmon’s Call, “I Just Don’t Want Coffee” by Caedmon’s Call…..the past year has brought about some interesting things relationally. I’ve listened to these a lot and they make me think of the same person.
“Tribute” by Tenacious D, “Stay Together for the Kids” by Blink-182, “Konstantine” by Something Corporate……some of the most often-played (and sung) songs at school. I’m going to think of the guys every time these come up.
“Worlds Apart” by Jars of Clay….God’s used this song a lot in my life….not to mention that 1) we listened to it a lot coming home from Austin last year from TAPPS and 2) it’s our class song!
“Mambo No. 5” by Lou Bega, “Hey Baby” by No Doubt….I danced to these @ homecoming and they’re the only ones I remember.
“My Refuge” by Sonic Flood, “Great Is Your Love” by Ross King…some of the songs we’ve tried to do during worship for chapel…
“Get Happy” by Judy Garland…hehe, Kristen, I always think of you know whenever I listen to this.
“Lean on Me” by Kirk Franklin…I sang this with Lindsay E. last year on mission trip, so I hear it and always think of everything that happened then.
“Late Great Planet Earth” by Plumb…they sang this a lot during 8count
“Cecilia” by Simon and Garfunkel….Josh Kendall and I, in the back of the van (with six other people), mission trip in Seattle. He’s got a rain stick, I have an egg shaker, and we’re in the back trying to reproduce the percussion on this song.
“Gloria! Hallelujah!” from the Christmas play…years of doing backstage work @ church, hanging out with some crazy people and a cage of tigers.

* * * * * *
I got to watch Monika and Taylor dissect a cat today. It made me think of this one part in The Once and Future King (it’s a great book about King Arthur) when this witch starts boiling a (live) black cat because it was apparently common knowledge back then that there’s a bone in a black cat that makes you invisible when you put it in your mouth. That part disturbed me when I read it, and it disturbs me even more now….


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