Post #67: “You are…”

I wrote this during chapel today….

You are…unending, unchanging, immortal, invisible, beautiful, eternal, holy, pure, good, righteous, praiseworthy, extraordinary, supernatural, joyful, hope, just, glorious, forgiving, merciful, graceful, simplicity, loving, peaceful, patient, kind, faithful, gentle, compassionate, powerful, ruling, alive, life itself, demanding, intimate, coming, close, giving, freedom, covering, approachable, lovely, wonderful, famous, great, encouraging, genuine

You are Father. You are King. You are Lover. You are Savior. You are Friend. You are Brother. You are Ruler. You are Sovereign. You are Priest. You are Prophet.

You are.

And You are near to us. You are why we’re alive and here. Your mercy flows down like a river over us. Your love is wide and long and high and deep and You choose to give it. You are dwelling in our hearts.

And we are proud, unyielding, selfish, immoral; we are apathetic, false, hateful, angry, bitter; we are broken, wounded, torn apart, unholy, self-seeking; we are ugly in our depravity. We turn away from Your face.

But in You, we are made beautiful. In You we are made a pure bride for You. In You we are made perfect. In You we are united and pieced together. In You we can touch Your face. In You we have received the kindness leading to repentance. But only in You. Solely in You.

And we need You like water, and we breathe You in like oxygen, but we’re content to dehydrate and suffocate to death…come and take us kicking and screaming near to Your heart again. We need You. Because YOU ARE.


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