Post #69: More random songs that bring back memories…

“We Are Hungry”: We sang this a lot at camp in ninth grade. That week I hung out a lot with Ryan and Zach and Jamie…worship was crazy awesome…every time we sing “We Are Hungry” I always have this picture of us standing in the back worshipping…

“Take Me There” and “On The Verge” by Watermark: Camp, eighth grade. We made a lot of memories that year…Caleb’s head getting shaved, all of us walking around the camp (us being Katherine and Josh and Caleb and Ben and Steph and Jenny and Tara and Hebble and me), walking to Mexico (on Galveston Island…lol)…and those songs.

“My Glorious” by Delirious?: The Sunday night after 8count…for those of you who weren’t there, after 8count we had a follow-up worship session. God was there. “My Glorious” was the last song we sang, and all of us (well, all of us from the Collins/Coker house, anyway, I can’t speak for anyone else) were standing there yelling it out together. I think God had done a lot in all of us that weekend and we got excited.

“Letters to God” by Box Car Racer: Another one of those songs that I’ll always remember the guys by.

“Sweet River Roll” by Waterdeep: For some reason I always think of David Mitchell when I hear this. I think it’s because he loaned me his Waterdeep CD once, but not before playing this song for me.

“Sick Cycle Carousel” by Lifehouse: Drama class, November 2001. We did a skit for chapel that was based on this. I think we heard this song at least a hundred times in a time span of about a month. It was a great skit, if I do say so myself. I got to call this one guy a player, which for some reason got a huge response out of everyone. I think it’s because I don’t usually use terminology like that (only b/c I don’t have to…).

“One Week” by Barenaked Ladies (that’s a horrible name for a band, by the way), “Screaming Infidelities” by Dashboard Confessional, and “Stomp” by Kirk Franklin: Farkle, spoons, and Egyptian war @ Heather’s house a couple of weeks ago. Those are the only songs I specifically remember listening to…

“Higher” by Creed: Another Seattle memory…we’re on our way up to the middle of nowhere, driving through the mountains, and we listened to this song about eighty million times because Amy Maddox brought it along and that song, along with “With Arms Wide Open” were the only songs we felt like listening to. I think I had it memorized by the time we got to our destination. That was the day my friend Jenny fell in the river…but that’s a whole other story.

“Holy Roar” by Passion: I remember my friend Heather signing this for a demonstration speech for (duh) speech class, and I’ve wanted to learn it ever since. She did such a gorgeous job with this because she’s so graceful when she signs…


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