Post #72: “I sing to life…”

I have now decided that I hate Chris Carrabba’s voice. It annoys the heck out of me. All you hardcore Dashboard fans out there, I apologize, but his voice is too nasally and whiny and…it’s just bad. Someone give the man voice lessons.

That said, I have recently become obsessed with Further Seems Forever and Evanescence. The latter band is going to playing downtown a week from today, so if someone wants to get tickets and go, let’s do it.

* * * * * *
Saw one of the saddest (but also one of the most amazing) things yesterday that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Remember that cat they’re dissecting in Biology II? Well, it’s a girl cat…they opened her up, and noticed that her uterus was unusually big, so they opened that up, and there were kittens in there. Three boys and two girls. They were so little, and they were so perfectly formed–they weren’t full term yet, though–with little tails and ears and claws and everything. I almost cried. A couple of us came over from consumer math to watch. They have names–they’re Billy, Bobby, Benny, Becky, and Bonnie. So sad. I think Monika and Taylor gave them a proper burial.

* * * * * *
For anyone who thinks the Bible is boring, read the book of Judges. Dear goodness…there’s enough violence in there to make it R-rated. A guy gets stabbed, another guy gets a tent peg nailed through his head, a whole Israelite tribe gets almost obliterated–it’s interesting stuff. And the gore doesn’t just stay in Judges; the next few books are pretty violent, too. All sorts of wars and stuff. I’ve been reading through the Old Testament and I just finished Judges, so whenever I try reading the New Testament, it’s sorta weird. No one getting into wars or anything terribly violent. In fact, this guy Jesus sorta shows up and says “Love your enemies.” It’s a culture shock. No wonder people thought He was odd.


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