Post #74: Phonetics, beauty, and the church

Well, we went off to TAPPS Arts and Academics Competition today @ Bay Area. “We” in this case would be Mrs. Matranga, Mrs. Weppler, Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Ozmun, David Shook, Lindsay Ehrhardt, Lindsay Moon, Kaitlin (whoa…what *is* Kaitlin’s last name?), Sarah Shook, John Medendorp, Jeremy Baldwin, Amanda Weppler, Kim Bennett, Heather Bennett, Emily Grimes, Jessica Jenney, four of the freshman girls whose names I can’t recall (except for Kasey Witherow’s), Melinda Reynolds, and me. It was fun…sorta boring, but sorta fun. It was mostly a blur for me because I did three events in a row. I made first place in spelling (yeah, yeah, I know…but I was thanking God that I’m a phonetic speller), and fifth place in Spanish and oratory. I’m sorta surprised I did as well as I did, since I was a shoe-in for the events I got fifth place in, so wahoo! So almost all of us get to go to state competition next month (which I’m looking forward to greatly), and our school made second place over all today for our district. (St. Thomas got first–they got twice as many event points as we did. Madness.)

* * * * * *
In other cool news, the boys won state today! Congrats, guys. 🙂

* * * * * *
Ever had one of those moments when God just totally reveals Himself to you? Not just in church, but in everyday life. So here are some epiphany moments in my life.

*The beach, Florida, June 2000. Jamie and I are up at six o’clock in the morning, beachcombing for Ryan’s glasses (don’t ask). Most gorgeous sunrise I think I’ve ever seen, with the waves. Crazy cool.
*The mountains, Washington, July 2000 (summer of 2000 was a good time…). A bunch of us are in the middle of nowhere, walking alongside some river whose name escapes me, and there are these huge rocks on the bank. Like 12-20 feet high rocks. We all climb around on them…the river’s calm, and there’s a little island in the middle of it that all these birds are flocking to. The sky is blue like you wouldn’t believe…a couple of clouds float by…the mountains are all green and white with the trees and snow. Gorgeous. A couple of us start singing “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”…
*My closet, several times over the years. Every once in a while, when things get really crazy around my house, I hide in my closet and cry, and scream, and eventually God just sort of quiets me down and says, “Hey, don’t worry, I’m here. Just trust Me.”
*Bible class, spring 2001. We were watching this movie on the life of Stephen (for all you CFBCers, it’s the same one they had at Freedom Weekend this year), and Stephen prays this prayer that starts off, “Hey, Dad.” That just struck me as cool…and you know, that’s how God wants to know Him, as our Dad. He’s not like our earthly dads…even if you have the coolest dad in the world, God is infinitely cooler than that.
*Dress rehearsal for Godspell, April 2001. The crucifixion scene, and the parts thereafter. The whole Easter story had started getting stale…that changed it for me. I had to get myself in a place where I had to experience it…I almost broke down crying that day. I think I freaked some people out.
*Homecoming last year. I had just learned the song “Enough” by Chris Tomlin a few months back…I was sorta lonely that night, and that sort of kept playing through my head when I was off by myself.
*8Count. God showed Himself strong to me on Saturday night…He convicted me of a lot of stuff, but all the time He was just saying, “Come back to me. I still love you.” I honestly thought I got saved that night, and I told some people so, except I thought about it some more and realized I had just gotten a lot of things straightened out. One of those “return to your first love” moments.
*Bible class this past Wednesday. That was crazy–I think most uf us learned a lot this week. That was one of the most worshipful times I’ve had in a while. “Prepare the way…”


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