Post #75: Church.

You know you’ve stumbled upon an interesting church when the adults can get into “My Glorious” and start jumping up and down. I went to Houston Northwest (where I’ve been semi-attending for the past two weeks–more on that later) and the student ministry had charge of “big church” today. So they played “My Glorious” and (*gasp*) the adults liked it! Well, most of them, anyway. What’s this world coming to? Oh, yeah, and during “Everything’s Alright” (which is a cool song, btw), there were a few jumping up and down. That was hilarious.

Yeah, I’ve been frequenting HNW, which is a cool church. Been going to 249 (their Sunday morning HS service) and ABS (short for “Area Bible Study”) for a couple of weeks and it’s been great. I think I needed something different, a change of routine. No offense to anyone @ Champion Forest, but things were getting a little stale for me. I know God’s working in some places there, but the church as a whole needs some Jesus, you know? I don’t know. I’m still going to choir and I’m still going to Chicago this summer…everything else is kind of iffy. I might pop in every once in a while. In the meantime, I’m thinking about checking out some other churches (like Jersey Village, the Met, Gladney’s church). So if I know you, look around for me!

* * * * * *
So, mission trip…I got assigned to working with “senior adults” and the puppet team. Good times.


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