Post #80: Too many blogs!!!!

I’ve stumbled upon so many cool blogs in past twenty-four hours, all because I found this one guy’s blog. It turns he has a lot of friends and family who blog, and they all have links to each other on their blogs. And their blogs are all really good and interesting, at that. They’re all Presbyterians (so far as I can tell) so they get into Reformed theology and all that jazz. Crazy madness. So I just added four new links, and you can go from there. This blogging thing is getting a little out of control. 🙂

* * * * * *
I have decided that the library over here by my house is crap. They don’t have any good books, except for The Oath by Frank Peretti (which scared the living daylights out of me whenever I read it in middle school, by the way). Hopefully Baylor has a cooler library than that. They probably will–after all, they have this whole museum dedicated to Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, so how bad could it be?

* * * * * *
Happy birthday to Zach Schilleci, who turns 18 today.

* * * * * *
I will confess something right here and now: I like watching cooking and decorating shows. When we’re on breaks and stuff, that is pretty much all I’ll watch. Well, those and movies. Right now the TV is telling me that the most popular pizza topping in Australia is bacon and egg, which in a weird way doesn’t sound all that bad.

But yeah, TLC just came out with this show called Faking It which is pretty entertaining. The first episode was on last night, and they took this guy from Boston, who’s a carpenter, and they taught him the basics of interior design in four weeks. He actually convinced three professional designers that he was the real thing. The show is a great study in psychology. This kind of stuff interests me. I don’t know why.

* * * * * *
I’m going to try something really freaky–I’m going to try to read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy before we go back to school. You guys think I can do it? Maybe. Oh, that reminds me: the library has Unfinished Tales by Tolkien and I’m going to try it out once I get the trilogy read. I flipped through it and it has all the back stories to all the more widely-known books.


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