Post #83: Well, you see how long that lasted…

Dear goodness, I have no self-control. Someone please help me. My name is Manders, and I’m an Internet addict. There, I admitted it. Someone please get me into therapy or something.

The problem is that this is keeping me from listening to God, most of the time. Sometimes I’ll stumble onto something that’ll make me think for a while, or it’ll convict me, but more often than not I just sort of shut my mind off and zone out. And not only do I shut out God, but I shut out my family and forget to do stuff that I have to do. This isn’t the first time that I’ve tried to get away from the computer, but I keep coming back to it. I’m getting tempted to give my laptop to someone and keep my dad’s computer shut off during the day. In fact, I think that’s what God’s been trying to tell me to do for a while. *sigh* Don’t you hate that–whenever God tells you to do something and you can’t bring yourself to do it? The world can get on without me. So I don’t know. Eventually I’ll master this.


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