Post #84: “Wake me up inside…”

Hey, I’m back a little early. Oddly enough, I haven’t really had a whole lot to write about, so this shouldn’t be too long.

In recent news: Choir got a “2” rating at state last week, and the two small ensembles and the two solos got a “1”, so go us. 🙂 I was in a hotel room with Jamie, Taylor, and Amy when we were there, and the guys next door woke us up at two o’clock in the morning (Zach can officially scream like a five-year-old girl–that was disturbing). Some of us are heading up to Austin next week for Arts and Academics Competition, so that’ll be loads of fun. (Come on, David Shook’s gonna be there–how boring could it be?) My friends and I have turned into Evanescence fans and I’m thinking it’d be cool if we did “Bring Me to Life” for chapel. (Hehe…) Ummm…the musical’s going to be in a few weeks and I got the part of Lady Chow in The King and I. Yeah, I get to play Zach’s wife. That’ll be, um, interesting, to say the least. Mark and Laura Shook and a couple of other families (including the Holzmans, Schillecis, and Longneckers) are starting this new church, so pray for them…first service is April 13th. There’s a blue-tongued skink living in the biology room at school and as of now his name is “Bruce”. (Don’t ask.) Cheryl Miller is the new girls’ minister @ Champion Forest.

I think that’s it.

* * * * * *
Had an epiphany the other day (in the shower, no less). A lot of times we, the girls, get told that our beauty’s supposed to come from our character and our love for God. Makes sense. Well, why don’t the guys get told that more? Honestly, the guys that I’ve been most attracted to are the ones that are deeply in love with Jesus and are seeking to follow Him in everything. And it’s not just spiritual attraction, either–it’s been physical and emotional attraction as well. I think that the most masculine guys are the ones that have found their security in Christ, not the ones who have to act all macho and stuff. So there’s a word for you, guys: Godliness is attractive.


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