well, the old folks say misery loves some good company, so if i were to join you would it make a crowd? you and me and all your demons could sit down, have some coffee (bitter and sweet) and talk things over before someone got up to leave. but darlin’, you’ve put yourself under house arrest for crimes others committed against you, so if me and my brother have to knock down your door, we won’t make apologies for the mess–then again, we’ll bring the cleaning crew, and between us and the saints and angels we’ll have us a party (or a riot!). topple down these jericho walls and my brother’ll carry you out of the wreckage, and we’ll break out the sweet tea and the bread and wine, honey, and see what happens from there.

“marry a whore,” You said;
“marry a woman guaranteed
to break her vows, to break your
heart–and I can tell you,
sir, that you will love her
enough to pick up those fragments
and melt them into blood and
gold to win her back to you.”

“while i’m pretty sure You’re not

“when am I not serious, son,
in telling my people what to do?”

“good point, but as i was saying,
i will go and do so, if it pleases You–“

“and name your children as
the world would name them–
Not Mine, Not Loved–as children
of infidelity. but they will be loved,
they will be yours, even as they
are Mine, son.”

“but what are You trying to say?
i’m not quite sure i understand
why You’re so bent on making me
into a cuckold.”

“that I will wound you, but restore you;
that I am faithful when you’re not;
that I will buy You with the breaking of
My own heart–even you, hosea. even you.”


How long, O Lord must I call for help
While You send down the fire for the next time
(no more water, no more flood
all that rises here is blood)
You said You’re doing something new
But you did this to the pagans and our
People in the ancient days, so
Is this really new or was the Teacher right?

(Wait, let me scratch that–
The earth will be filled with the glory
Of the Lord like water covers the deep,
Like the ocean rises to flood the plains.)

The righteous live by faith, but as
For the rest of us (that’s why we’re
Being burned by this Babylonian fire, right?)
We will live by surviving until
This desert fig tree revives and it
Rains all day with the bounty of new wine.

an advent hymn for Christ our God

In winter’s grey and starry-veiled night,
When darkness reigns amid the falling snow,
To Bethlehem is come the heavenly Light
That bids the bleakness flee with His bright glow.
A tiny boy born from the virgin’s womb,
And helpless, drawn near to young Mary’s breast,
Is God in flesh, here to defeat the tomb
And bring His people home to heaven’s rest.
This Light of heaven, brightly burning flame,
Will shine in earth’s last days, His fire to burn
Away the old and evil, for His fame,
And judge the world that holy grace did spurn.
Light of the world, You shine upon us now,
And at Your feet Your children come to bow.