He came from the glory…

(listening: The Village Church podcast)

1. I. HATE. RESEARCH PAPERS. With a vengeance. I’m glad to say I’m almost done with one, but…three more to go. *head explodes*

2. Know what I realized? This sucks: My reading lists are all gone, like the ones I keep and post at the end of the year. This year’s is gone, and it’s not saved anywhere else. Then again, this may be a good thing. Keeps me from getting too big of a head. Or something.

3. Actually, the whole “CGR ate my blog” thing came at sort of a providential time, just as I was starting all these papers and stuff. And now that I have a new one, I don’t really have the desire to post lately. (I’m NOT stopping blogging, I promise. I just don’t have the desire to lately. Maybe once I snap out of this semester.)

4. I’ve been a bad Presbyterian and have skipped ahead mentally to Advent–Christmas music has been played loud and proud in our apartment this week, and it’s pretty amazing. My five million copies of “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” have been getting a lot of play lately, but you know, it’s been kind of a minor key kind of semester. The post title, however, comes from a Caribbean (I think) carol. Oh, yes, believe us, He came from the Glorious Kingdom. Rockin’.

5. Great comfort: That when I feel like I’m going numb, like I’m shutting down emotionally, Jesus makes it very clear to me that the truth is not contingent upon how I feel or don’t feel; His love is constant and “doesn’t change like the shifting shadows.”

6. Still sick. Didn’t go to church today as a result. Kinda sad. Sermon podcasts aren’t quite the same. Been really feeling my need to be involved with the Body, and today didn’t help. Oh well.

7. This post suddenly turned kinda morose all of a sudden, didn’t it? My apologies.

8. Is it terrible that every time I hear the name “Thomas Browne” (a seventeenth-century writer), I immediately think of “The Ballad of Hollis Brown”?


3 thoughts on “He came from the glory…

  1. 2. Which means, as far as anyone knows, I will have read more than you this year! GWAHAHAHAHA!!! VICTORY IS MIIIIIIIINE!!!

    4. I don’t know how skipping ahead to Christmas music is bad. But then again I don’t understand the finer points of your strange and unusual Presbyterian heresy, so that’s probably it. ;- )

    5. Word.

    6. Get better.

    8. Never wrong to think of the great sage and eminent philosopher Bob (whom I quoted in my lesson this week AGAIN).

  2. hannah s.

    That verse in “And Can It Be?” reminds me of that one disciple (confound it, I can’t remember which one…was it Peter?) who was bound and in prison, and then an angel came and his chains fell off and he went to chill with the others at their house. But, thanks to you, I will now think of Platonian caves. 🙂 (Just kidding; I do still love that hymn!)

    Also, don’t worry about being a bad Presbyterian; it’s far better than being a bad daughter of the one True God. (And we’ve already done that. But don’t think about that too hard; somehow, this analogy is leading me into cheap grace.)

    God is good, all the time.

    Also, I am so so glad that you think of Hollis Brown. It’s one of my favourites. Bob is always appropriate, in my opinion.

  3. You lost your list? Your list last year inspired me to make my own. I’m two half-books away from my goal for the year. I write my list in dry erase marker on a mirror in my apt.

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