Thursday 13

This week: 13 questions you’d love to know the answer to.

1. What does Dr. Donnelly look like without the beard?

2. How does the Trinity work?

3. How did humanity first come up with all the nature gods?

4. What makes us prefer certain things over others? Is it purely arbitrary, is it genetics, or what?

5. What was the first conversation between Adam and Eve post-Eden like?

6. What is it like for a prophet to receive a word from the Lord? Audible or not?

7. Where did Eden go, anyway?

8. What must it have been like to be one of Jesus’ nephews or nieces?

9. Are our scientific theories really true, or is it the only way we can explain something that’s really unexplainable?

10. To steal something from Bono: How long to sing this song?

11. Who came up with the idea of dancing, and how, and why?

12. Are there alien life forms?

13. What happened to my biological parents, anyway?


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