this is not a blog post.

1. It’s Monday morning. Last day of class. *throws confetti*

2. Speaking of confetti, we had a party last night at my apartment, complete with boys (OMG) and food and a little bit of dancing on Ashley’s part…no booze (there, see, Dad?), but late nights and caffeination tend to have the same affect after a while at our place. 🙂

3. Finals start Thursday. I’m not too, too worried about them; my problem is that most of them are essay tests (read: somewhat subjective, as opposed to hard and fast facts), so studying is going to be lots of fun. Or something. But, yeah, the plan this week is to camp out at the library and at Common Grounds and study when I’m not sleeping or taking exams…I’m going to need a break afterwards.

4. I came to the realization lately that the past two years (well, a little over…something like 27 months) have been really emotionally and spiritually taxing, and that I don’t have the healthiest coping mechanisms–I tend toward unhealthy forms of escapism, for example. However, God has used this time to really expose a lot of my sin, which is always really interesting, at the very least. 🙂 It’s been one big hitting of my cup, so to speak.* If I can just learn to run to Him instead of sitting around trying to ignore it, we’ll be in business.

(*Pete Hatton uses this illustration a lot: If you hit a cup, and water spills out, the water doesn’t spill primarily because you hit the cup; it spills because it’s already there in the cup.)

5.  Okay. Maybe I’ll bring you more later. Have a good day, people.


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