gather round, ye children, come…

(starting music: Andrew Peterson – the song in the post title. yum)

1. Happy Christmas, finals are over. *throws confetti* I got so fed up with them that I wrote an essay for my last one in dialogue format. Not even kidding. I answered the question, and did so more or less thoroughly, with specific examples from the books and everything, just in a dialogue between a fictional version of me and the professor. Said professor’s either going to love it or hate it, and I’m hoping for the former. *crosses fingers*

2.  I start work at The Container Store next Tuesday. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really actually like doing physical work, as long as I keep my intellectual and spiritual lives healthy alongside it (something that, for some reason, doesn’t happen whenever I work at Target–go figure). I like moving things or building or making them, which is pretty much what I get to do at this job. It establishes some feeling of accomplishment for me.

3.  Related point: I’m realizing more and more how important it is to be a person of action instead of someone who just talks. Being in certain circles at college, I get surrounded by people who like to argue about social issues or doctrine and spiritual practices or whatever; it’s the rare person that actually does something about it. And I’ve been praying lately to become one of the people who actually acts. Faith without works is dead, after all.

4. Oh, as you can see up at the top right, I’ve gotten back at least some of my archives, up until March 2003. Still working on getting the rest.

5.  I would say more, but I’m about to fall asleep on the keyboard…more tomorrow. Ciao.

(ending music: Andrew Peterson – So Long Moses)


One thought on “gather round, ye children, come…

  1. hannah

    to #3: word, yo. i talk about hating consumerism, but yesterday i looked down at my carry-on on the plane and saw a razr phone, ipod, and laptop. what the crap am i doing?!

    my friend natalie wears clothes from the thrift store. she has money and could buy clothes from the gap, but she uses her money for other things — like church ministries, i think. her family moved to what she calls “the ghetto” in memphis two years ago because they felt like they weren’t forsaking anything for the Gospel. i want to raise a family with that sort of awareness.

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