Thursday 13.

(Going up a bit early, which is fine because you probably won’t be reading this until tomorrow morning anyway. Besides, it’s Thursday in the UK.)

This week: 13 jobs you would really never like to try.

1. Anything involving killing anything or anyone. This includes, but is not limited to, the military, butchering, or being an assassin. This is not to say that I’m a pacifist; I just don’t want to have to do the actual killing bit. 🙂

2. Retail management.

3. Lawyer.

4. Law enforcement (I would probably get shot my first day out).

5. War correspondent (again, I’d probably get shot–or kidnapped–my first day out).

6. Clergy (not that I could, anyway, at least not in the PCA).

7. Computer programming.

8. Medicine. Not that I don’t think it’s interesting, but I really don’t ever want to become that familiar with human anatomy, at all. I don’t want to know what your guts are doing.

9. Professional academic. This year has pretty much eliminated that option for me (sorry, Dad).

10. Political pundit.

11. Actually, anything involving politics, for that matter.

12. Hollywood actress (too much loss of privacy and risk of becoming gossip fodder).

13. TV talk show host.


One thought on “Thursday 13.

  1. kilby

    I read it, and it’s not tomorrow. If I may spam your comments, I’ll list the fields of profession I’d eschew, because the individual practices are too numerous to properly conform to the thirteen meme.

    1. Teaching
    2. Social Services
    3. Sports
    4. Televison
    5. Sciences
    6. Medicine
    7. Management–of anything
    8. Culinary
    9. Manual Labor
    10. Art (painting, etc.)
    11. Politics
    12. Writer (as a profession it would suck)
    13. Women’s Ministries (!)

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