it’s too late for me to be blogging

1. …and yet here I am. Good evening, readers. Or should I say good mornin’? (We’ve talked the whole night through…)

2. Actual conversation:

thelivingroom76: i have the oddest combination of songs stuck in my head.
cynderella2004: indeed>
cynderella2004: *?
thelivingroom76: bob’s “boots of spanish leather” (lovely, lovely song)
thelivingroom76: and…
thelivingroom76: (wait for it)
thelivingroom76: “sexyback”
cynderella2004: ohhhhhhh dear.
thelivingroom76: take me to the chorus, indeed.
cynderella2004: i’m not holding out for a “boots of spanish leather (timbaland remix)” anytime soon.  anytime at all, actually.
thelivingroom76: someone probably has, somewhere.
thelivingroom76: it might be kind of difficult
thelivingroom76: “BoSL” not having a chorus and all
thelivingroom76: does that mean bob won’t be taking timbaland anywhere?
thelivingroom76: probably.
cynderella2004: most likely. 🙂
thelivingroom76: heh.
thelivingroom76: “i’m bringin’ leather back…”
thelivingroom76: (that almost sounds wrong, doesn’t it)
cynderella2004: AHHHHH
cynderella2004: i smell a hit…
cynderella2004: oh man, uncontrollable giggles
cynderella2004: worst.remix.EVER
thelivingroom76: take me to the non-existent chorus!

3. So, in a weird twist of fortune (due to my own stupidity, per the usual–long story ;)), I’m working at Target, not The Container Store. It’s not so bad. At least I actually get to be awake during the day, I know what I’m doing, I know a lot of the people…not so bad at all.  Or something. 🙂

4.  Shout-out to the inimitable Rachel E.–my break is pretty good, relatively slow. Hope yours is good, too.

5.  I can’t believe Christmas is on Monday–I feel like I’m not really prepared for it, in any sense of the word. Mentally, emotionally, materially (I still don’t have all my shopping done…), or spiritually, for that matter. I don’t feel like I’m dwelling on the Incarnation as much as I should be. I mean, it’s all grace, anyway, but much of the time it just doesn’t feel real. But thank God, it’s not contingent about how I feel. And that’s fine. He’s near to me even if I don’t feel like it.

6. Umm. Reader survey:

a)  What’s the best Christmas memory you have?

b) What’s the oddest Christmas present you’ve ever received?

c)  What’s your least favorite Christmas song?

d) Mulled apple cider, hot chocolate, or eggnog?


5 thoughts on “it’s too late for me to be blogging

  1. 1) you really love that song, don’t you.

    2) best. IM convo. evar.

    3) just pray you don’t slip into a funk in the process. maybe this will be the year you will redeem your Target experience.

    4) word up to the unknown Rachel E.

    5) totally feeling the same. it snuck up on me. and believe me, kiddo, it will only get worse next year. You don’t even really get a sense of holidays or vacations when you’re a grown-up. it’s all one big monday to friday blur. I’m going to work double hard this weekend to get my heart in the right place for the day.

    6a) two years ago (or was it last year?) when it snowed on Christmas eve. my sis (whitney) and i were coming back from driving across town looking for “the snowing” and when we got home, it was snowing at our house. my dad had just gotten home, and he, mom, and Liv were out in the yard, walking around, laughing, joking. my dad made a little six inch snowman on the hood of the car. and everyone forgot all of the rush and stress of the week in that moment. we were all together and we were all happy. it was wonderful.

    b) for a “legit” white elephant exchange, I brought two of my favorite books, and went home with a lint brush. true story.

    c) the *(^&*%&^* “Christmas Shoes.” It should be raised to hatecrime status.

    d) hard to say. i’m actually partial to all three, just depends on when. though eggnog is best in very small and seldom doses. if forced to pick, i have to go with the sweet tooth and say chocolate.

  2. hannah

    Still giggling at “I’m bringin’ leather back.” Oh, the ridiculous times we live in. To quote Bob, “People are crazy and times are strange.” In related news, I feel you on #5.

    a) Being in “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” which meant pretending like it’s Christmas 5-6 times a week for a month and a half. I got to sing songs onstage, work backstage (and have a headset!), get to know people who got paid to act, and hang out with the first people my own age I’d ever met who knew every word to “Do You Hear The People Sing?” And it brought my family together in a number of ways. Basically, it was bliss for my brothers and me, and blissful sacrifice for my parents.

    b) Hm. I don’t usually get weird presents. There was one year when my Great Grandmother gave me a big, pink vest.

    c) Oh man. “Christmas Shoes” is pretty deplorable, but this year, I was alerted to the overabundance of mainstream pop singers who feel the need to sing Christian carols and embellish them excessively. It’s become really offensive to my ears to hear Mariah Carey making “Silent Night” more about Mariah Carey than about Jesus. I also heard, for the first time, Jessica Simpson’s cover of “Breath of Heaven.” Bile and venom!

    d) Eggnog! But cider during church. (Sometimes it is included in our pre-service tea/coffee selection, and I take advantage.)

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