*cluck cluck cluck*

1. Happy third day of Christmas (hence the title).

2.  Random observation: Ever notice that in Jesus movies, the other two guys being crucified with Him are never, ever as bloody as He is? What is it, does He just get a bigger flogging because He’s Jesus? Historically, wouldn’t they have been just as beaten up? I don’t know. If I ever make a Jesus movie (which is unlikely, but still), those other two guys are going to be bloody as heck.

3. Other interesting observation: Preachers say stuff all the time about “Why is it we can sit through a two-hour movie, but not an hour-long worship service?” Here’s the thing: Both can be passive; one is just a lot more entertaining than the other. And so, how people react is to try to make church entertaining, which I think is a mistake. There’s always the other option of making church an active experience–i.e., using liturgy, which requires you to participate by standing up, sitting down, reading things out loud, grabbing your hymnal and singing, confessing your sin, taking Communion, etc., instead of sitting and watching other people try to make you interested. (The funny thing is, I’ve never heard any preacher in a liturgical church ask the aforementioned question. Wonder why?)

4. Then again, most people that ask that question are also anti-liturgical, so I guess we’re at a standstill there, huh? Also, there are churches out there that aren’t liturgical that are also really participatory (really charismatic churches, for example) and their services go on forever. I don’t know.

5.  Oh, yeah: I got a digital camera for Christmas. Expect pictures (sorry, any dial-up people out there).

6. That’s it. Have a good one, boys and girls.


2 thoughts on “*cluck cluck cluck*

  1. I’m not sure, but I don’t think forty lashes with a cat of nine tails was standard faire for crucifixion (and a crown of thorns certainly wasn’t!). Therefore, I would expect Christ to be the bloodiest of the three.

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