T13 (late edition)

This week: 13 good memories from 2006.

1. My Women Writers class.

2. Screenwriting class.

3. Hanging out with Pastor Bill when I first started coming to Kaleo–that was a good way to get me introduced to the church, I think.

4. Chinese jump rope in the hallway spring semester.

5. Movie nights at our apartment!

6. Studying with Tim and Karen for finals in the conference room.

7. Going to see Hamlet with the roommates.

8. The Christmas concert at Redeemer.

9. Getting to meet my niece.

10. This one time Steph came over, and we watched High Fidelity…

11. Hanging out with the Brute Squad (and Emma) this summer.

12. Tax-Free Weekend at work–it was absolute chaos, but it was still kind of fun. Much better than the year before, at any rate, and I think it’s because of the people.

13. A very good conversation I had with one of my professors in his office one day. I mean, that seems minor, but it was good.


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