Hello, hello.

(starting music: The Decemberists – The Engine Driver)

1. Hello, 2007 (that felt so weird to type outside the context of my graduation date). Welcome to the new year–hard to believe we’ve made it so far.

2. Aspirations: To write more, to read more deeply, to become more winsome in my Christianity (i.e., less serious about doctrine, less serious about myself, more serious about Christ and the cross), to get more into the Word, to learn how to forgive, to not stress out so much, to love the church more, to memorize Philippians again, to send more letters, to not forget.

3. And to lose weight, but that’s not quite as important as those other ones.

4. A metaphor for my life: I lost my wallet at work on New Year’s Eve, and found it this morning. It was on a back endcap of an aisle. I have no idea how it got there, but it was returned to me by a customer and an act of grace and is now safe in my purse.

5. Mix CDs I’ve been pondering (and if you have any suggestions, by all means, go ahead): Songs to sing along to in the car, CDs for the four elements (earth, water, air, fire–no Captain Planet references, please), soundtracks for miscellaneous books, unconventional Christmas songs (for next December), holidays, really good love songs, a celebration of geekiness, guilty pleasure songs.

6. Upcoming posts (maybe): The first T13 for the new year, a brief (and hopefully helpful and entertaining) primer on how Reformed folk are different from other evangelicals, maybe a The Living Room Recommends (depends on how things go), and a call for workshoppers (you’ll see what I mean).

7. ‘Sall I got. Go check out Teacher Dave’s really impressive book list. Well-done, sir.

8. Okay, maybe it’s not all I got: God is good, you guys. Like, seriously. He really is.

(ending music: Counting Crows – Good Times)


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