oh, wait. i have a blog?

1. Sorry for not posting in a few days. I’m sure all you faithful readers were thinking I’d dropped off the face of the planet (or something).

2. So, class started yesterday. So far I’m liking all of my courses–I have two more this afternoon, so the jury’s still out on those, but I think they should be all right. I just auditioned for chamber choir, results are posted tomorrow, so I’ll find out then whether I actually get a break in my schedule or not, haha. The roommates are all well. My phone died from not being charged over Christmas break (forgot my charger at the apartment–but seriously, people, why have we designed phone batteries like this? I don’t get it). Everything else is pretty good.

3.  I do think, though, that I’m going to have a hard time being disciplined this semester–all of my classes seem like they’ll be fairly easy, or just challenging enough to keep me interested. No 17th-century literature nightmares again. (Uh. Not that I didn’t like that class. Just saying, it was hard.) All this despite the fact that I have something like 15 papers to write.

4. So, what else is going on? Getting geared up for All-University Sing (the big talent show we have every February)–I’m planning on being in it this year, which should be a lot of fun (tickets go on sale next Friday, ahem). Reading The Odyssey for fun (yes, for fun, shut up). Still digging the new Decemberists album. Getting back into the Word (for some reason, I always slack off on this during breaks, I can’t explain it). Learning to trust God more. So nothing real exciting. But that’s fine.

5. What about y’all? What’s up with all of you hep cats out in cyberspace?


One thought on “oh, wait. i have a blog?

  1. hannah s.

    i fall out of the Word over breaks, too. and i am envious of all university sing — we have fun stuff here, but on a much smaller scale! my mom was in it when she was in college…something about kabuki makeup and parachutes and showtunes…i don’t quite remember. also, i looked once in one of her high school year books, and a friend of hers quite seriously called her a “groovy hep cat.”

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