*searching for interesting content*

(starting music: Ben Folds – Songs of Love)

1. Added to my list of qualities I’m looking for in a guy: I can’t be able to beat him up. That may seem obvious, but in the circles I run in, a girl gets worried about these things. Not that I necessarily hang out with wussy guys, mind you. But still.

2. Then again, he has to just be able to beat me up–not that he would. This is also important.

3. The apartment smells like pie, and it’s making me really happy.

4. I have entirely too much to read this weekend for class–for my class on Mark Twain, for example, I have about 150-180 pages to read. Yeah.  *falls over*  Tomorrow’s my birthday. Something feels entirely unfair about this, but it’s probably also a sign that I’m definitely almost an adult.

5. Speaking of my birthday, I’ve come to the conclusion that after 21, most of the rest of your birthdays are thoroughly unexciting, except for the multiples of 10. Twenty-two is a really boring number, no new rites of passage or anything except that I’m this much closer to being able to rent a car. C’est la vie.

6. Currents…reading: Saturday by Ian McEwan (I really dig McEwan. I think most of y’all would like his work a lot), still chugging through The Odyssey, starting The Awakening soon…listening to a lot of The Decemberists and Ben Folds…eating more than I probably should…and that’s it.

7. That’s all I’ve got. Have a good one.


2 thoughts on “*searching for interesting content*

  1. 5. Actually, you can already rent a car, in Texas anyway. You only have to be 21. I had to do it over break when my someone backed into my car while my sister was driving it.

    And Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a good one, and there are far worse things you could be reading than Mark Twain.

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