post-birthday syndrome.

(starting music: Bob Dylan – Only a Pawn In Their Game)

1. ^ Extremely appropriate song for the day. Happy MLK, everyone. Yay for racial diversity and equality (that’s the idea, anyway). 🙂 I may very well have to bust out “Pride (In the Name of Love)” here in a moment.

2. I think I’ve gotten to the point where birthdays give me existential crises. This doesn’t bode well. However–I think this is the good kind, not the “OMG I AM SO FULL OF ANGST AND I WANT TO DIE” kind. I think I exhausted all of those in high school, and wrote the terrible poetry to prove it.

3. So yesterday, my actual birthday, was relatively uneventful–the weather’s all cold and icy outside, which is lovely (I’m serious. In small doses, I love really really cold weather. I wanted it to snow, but that didn’t happen, sadly, so it’s just slick and grey), so we didn’t go to church, so I sat around and watched movies and read. And played Scrabble with the roommates. I was feeling kind of asocial (due to the aforementioned existential crisis), so that was nice.

Tonight, on the other hand, will be another story altogether. Stay tuned for pictures.

4. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an actual “GO” square you could pass up somewhere and just collect $200? Actually–it’d be kind of cool to get a city block somewhere, and play life-sized Monopoly with real money. Humongous playing pieces with wheels. Hmmm.

5. Reader survey:

a) What kind of crazy ideas have you had that you still want to actualize?

b) When was the first time you performed in front of a crowd, if ever? What were you doing?

c) What’s your favorite thing to do when the weather’s yucky outside?


2 thoughts on “post-birthday syndrome.

  1. hannah

    a) hm. I don’t think I have crazy ideas like that. I think creatively inside the box.

    b) I remember it very distinctly. I was four, and I was in a ballet recital. We didn’t have a lot of technical tools in our arsenal at that point, but we made up for it with our determination and cuteness. The audience ate it up, and I have “you’re-on-in-15-minutes” ballet dreams to this day.

    c) As much as I hate to admit this, it’s sleep.

  2. Ian

    a) Getting a book published. (Though relative to my other ideas, this one is actually pretty sane.)

    b) Perhaps doing something for or with my homeschool group, though exactly what would count depends on your definition of “performed.”

    c) Reading or hanging out with friends.

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