This week: 13 random memories from high school.

1. Singing “Carol of the Bells” a capella in the stairwell.


3. These random bodybuilder guys who told us to get fired up for Jesus during chapel, and me being thoroughly disgusted/distressed the whole time.

4. The Wonderful Wizard of Odd.

5. Lots of choir practice in the bathroom.

6. Completely screwing up one line in Godspell.

7. The third(?) or fourth night of our mission trip to Mexico.

8. ethereal-thoughts.blogspot.com

9. Scribbling band names on the backs of our notebooks during government class.

10. Oh, man, study halls senior year. The randomness.

11. The time David Shook and Ben Cross went to speech competition wearing sport coats from the costume trunk in the drama room…oh goodness. That whole day was hilarious.

12. Burning our notes at Nick’s graduation party.

13. The whole weird story of how I got my nickname.


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